Double your Sales Funnel with a Free LinkedIn Account

Are you a B2B Seller, a Freelancer, a Coach, a Solo-Business Owner, who is struggling to fill his/ her Sales Funnel, then this course will help you to double your sales funnel with a free LinkedIn Account.


In this course, I am going to show you how to find the right people, map accounts with the help of advanced LinkedIn Search Strategies by using a free LinkedIn Account.

Because, I have seen people struggling with the search function, and when the search limit is over they are like, how can I find new clients, how I can map my account, and they go into the panic zone and say, I am a Foot-Soldier, now how am I going to build my funnel, how am I going to justify my KRAs.

And, What should I do now, should I go to my boss and ask for a premium account?

Jump-in, to find the leads, decision-makers, recruiters and more, at a very low price, and master the art of Advanced LinkedIn Search in 30 minutes!!



 Stop Your Struggle to Find Leads and Map your Account!

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Kapil Thukral

Kapil Thukral is regarded as a leading "Walk the Talk" expert on LinkedIn, Social Selling, and Solopreneruship.
Kapil is having 16 years of professional experience. In the past, he has worked in the Fortune 500 companies like Dell and Canon.
He has been the strategic selling consulting practitioner with the world's Top 20 Sales Consulting Brands like Miller-Heiman Group and RAIN Group.
Kapil has trained over 7,000 B2B Sellers, 100 businesses, 300 Individuals, and 5000 students. He has been listed at #1 spot on Google as the Social Selling Trainer in India. He personally manages 15 websites, 20 Facebook pages, and 10 LinkedIn pages to practice the real market challenges. He loves to do all his graphics and video work on his own and never hired any external agency or agent.
He has received more than 75 LinkedIn Recommendations from professionals aged between 30-60 years.